Stained Concrete-St. Paul

Renovation can become a tricky business, whether it’s of your own house or your office. Epoxy Floors St. Paul has just the thing for you. We bring to you our most loved Stained Concrete floorings. It’s got uniqueness. It’s got style. It’s got beauty and it is under your budget.

Stained Concrete has the color richness and that no other flooring system does. This is because the staining techniques like graphics, marble replication, stain blowing, and borders are used which allow the stain to go way deep into the concrete and create a nice artistic, yet natural touch.

Epoxy Floors St. Paul has a huge variety in shades and designs that can be selected by our customers for staining their concretes. But if they are looking for something different they are also free to create their own customized designs from stencils and saw cuts. Our stained concrete can also copy the look of marble, granite tile, and other expensive stones. So you can enjoy these expensive looking floors without having to actually buy the stones.

Stained concrete is installed in numerous places like offices, restaurants, motels, pool decks, garages, etc. This is because they are resistant to moisture, grease, dust and bacteria. Concrete floors do not chip off or come off at places. Their colours also do not fade away. Hence they do not let any molds and mildew grow. Furthermore, because there are no cracks on it you do not have to worry about allergens settling on it. The air quality of your space would improve. Any water, or dust particles that settle on the floors can easily be cleaned with a mop or a sweep. You do not need harsh washing equipment to clean these floor and you certainly don’t have to hire help to clean. The floors will give you a good amount of time of use.

Our stained concrete has the biggest advantage which is that it is durable and long-lasting. You do not have to worry about paying for maintenance costs, or think about getting the floors re-stained if they lose their color, because they won’t. any maintenance costs will be minimal to none. Stained concrete also looks extremely professional and can transport your dull and old looking concrete floors into aesthetically attractive flooring system.

Stained Concrete-St. Paul

Stained concrete also has a very unique characteristic. It absorbs air, be it hot or cold and then releases it later. As a result, our customers will surely be cutting down their electricity bills. Here at Epoxy Floors St. Paul we have the best teams that are well-trained and are experts at their jobs.  Our experienced installers either using acid or water-based concrete stain, depending on the designs selected by the clients. They prepare and clean the concrete surface through a variety of methods and then continue on to the staining process. The process is minutely monitored.

Epoxy Floors invites the residents of St. Paul to come and check this unique flooring option. You won’t regret buying it. We promise!